Zmijanje embroidery (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Zmijanje embroidery (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Inscribed in 2014on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Zmijanje embroidery is a specific technique practised by the women of Zmijanje villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traditionally, Zmijanje embroidery is used to decorate female costumes and household items, including wedding dresses, scarves, garments and bed linen. The main characteristic is the use of a deep blue thread, handmade with vegetable dyes, to embroider improvised geometrical shapes. The richness and variations of the embroidered designs determine the social status of the village women. Embroidery is usually performed among groups of women, who engage in needlework while singing and chatting. Embroidery ties together many elements of cultural heritage, such as music, rituals, oral traditions, handicrafts and symbolic expressions.


Museum of Republic Srpska Expert team (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Danijela Djukanovic, the museum counsellor, ethnologist in the Department of Ethnology of the Museum of the RS, is the leader of the group, and also the author of the exhibition “Zmijanje Embroidery – World Cultural Heritage”. Mrs Djukanovic will direct presentations and workshops. These activities will be performed with the assistance of two other team members: pr/museum pedagogist Ana Bratasevec, responsible for promotional activities, and museum associate Svjetlana Markovic, responsible for educational activities.

: 2019 07 11 | : 19.00 val